5 tours in Monteverde, Costa Rica that are not to be missed

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There are countless reasons to visit Monteverde. If you like discovering exotic locations where you can have completely new experiences, this is the place for you. If you love nature, you’ll be amazed by the flora and fauna at this biological reserve. If you’re looking for an adventurous vacation, you’ll find the country’s best activities at this adrenaline filled sanctuary.

Whatever the case may be, in Monteverde you’ll have experiences that will help you to relax, learn, have fun, and enjoy time with your friends or family in the middle of a true jungle. Here below, I will share the 5 tours that are not to be missed if you visit this Costa Rican cloud forest.

5 tours in Monteverde that you should not miss

I’ve visited Monteverde many times. Although I like visiting new places, this forest has me completely enthralled. Every time I go back, even though I’m visiting the same adventure parks (because I’ve visited most of them already), I feel like I’m having new experiences. The nature at this biological reserve is just that fascinating.

Based on my experiences, I will talk about the adventures that I fell in love with from the first moment I tried them, and that I always seek out when I go back to Monteverde.

1. The best canopy or zip line tours in the area

There’s nothing like admiring the area’s natural beauty while you go zip lining. This experience is even better if the cables are high up and long. When you come to Monteverde, you should definitely go on a zip line tour. You’ll discover how amazing it feels to glide across a kilometre-long cable in the Superman position, as if you were truly flying above the jungle.

I must say that the best zip line option in Monteverde is at Selvatura Park: here I’ll tell you why.

2. Adventure on wheels: quadricycle tours

I personally really enjoy driving a quadricycle along uneven terrain and paths surrounded by nature, where I can drive fast while still feeling quite safe. If you’re someone who enjoys this type of activity, you can go on a quadricycle tour at the 100% Adventure park.

3. Just like Indiana Jones: the highest and safest hanging bridges in Monteverde

To take your time observing all the natural riches of Monteverde, there’s nothing better than a hanging bridges tour. The first time I went on one I had a great time, but I wanted to see whether I would enjoy it more with a guide.

I decided on the guided tour at Selvatura Park and I had a very enriching experience. The specialists at this adventure park taught me a lot about Monteverde and the cloud forest, they even sparked my interest in bird watching. This establishment also has the highest and safest bridges in the area. Here, I will tell you more about it.

4. The most relaxed tour: a gondola ride

This is an excellent tour for those who wish to see the natural treasures of Monteverde without too much physical exertion. I usually go on this gondola ride on my last day in Monteverde, once I’ve been tired out by my other activities, and a relaxed tour does me good.

To go on this tour, I recommend that you visit Sky Adventures. You can read more about this park by clicking the following link: The 3 best adventure parks in Monteverde, Costa Rica.

5. Debunking myths: a tour to discover the beauty of reptiles and amphibians

Lastly, if you’re looking to learn more about the area’s wildlife, the best option is to debunk myths about amphibians and reptiles in order to see the beauty of these animals. I’ve visited the herpetarium at Selvatura Park countless times. That’s where I overcame my fear of snakes with the help of the park’s specialists. It’s also a good way to educate little ones about wildlife protection.

In Monteverde you’ll find something for everyone. Among such diverse options, I’ve shared with you what I do when I visit the cloud forest. Many people have asked me for adventure park recommendations. I always make the same three recommendations.

However, no matter how I look at it, I always end up encouraging them to visit Selvatura Park, which is where I’ve felt the best for a long time. Here below, I’ll share an article where you can find all the information about it.

The adventure park that I always recommend

Selvatura Park: The adventure you deserve to experience in Monteverde, Costa Rica